5 Things to Look For Before Hiring a House Painter

You’ve probably just gotten your new home. And now you’re excited about what color will fit perfectly. Or you want to revamp your interiors, and you are thinking of hiring a interior house painting company to help you out.

Either way, hiring a professional painter can give your interiors the right look and feel. But hiring the wrong one will ruin the aesthetics of your interiors. This explains why hiring the right professional is vital. 

In this article, we curated the steps you need to take in hiring a great contractor. With these tips, you can be sure of minimal or no mistakes when choosing a painter for your interiors. Let’s get right to it! 

5 Things to Consider Before You Hire an Interior House Painter

1. Look for interior home painters with great reviews

A great way to start is to check out for reviews. Research reveals that 82% of people read reviews before making a purchasing decision. When hiring a house painter online or offline, ask about their relationship with other people. 

If a friend or family referred the painter, you could ask about the outcome of the project. On the other hand, if you’re hiring the painter online, check out for other customers’ reviews. A lot of positive reviews with others means the contractor is a professional. And this will help you know who you will be hiring beforehand. If the company or contractor has no online review, then this can signify a red flag.

Another option is to ask the painter if they have a customer list to give recommendations about them. With this, you can certify that the company is reputable and has satisfied customers. 

2. Ask what type of house paint they use

Because of the diversity of house paints in the market, you need to ask what kind of paint the contractor uses. While some paints are of premium grade and high warranty, some are the total opposite. You need to affirm this because a paint with low quality can peel off easily. 

If the painter insists on their type of paints, then you need to ask some questions. They might suggest a low-quality paint (to cut costs). This will not be the best option for your home, as earlier suggested. 

But a professional contractor will know the right paint to use. They can correctly examine your interiors to determine the degree of cracks or holes. This will enable them to make the correct decision about getting a premium grade paint.

A quality house paint should have at least a two years warranty. Unlike low-quality paints, these kinds are long-lasting. And yes, they can also withstand sudden cracks and tears. 

To know if your paint is the best, it should have high pigmentation. It should last for 5 to 10 years depending on your country’s temperature. These types of paints will ensure broader coverage and depths of colors. 

3. Do they have photos or sample of homes they’ve painted

Just as the cliché, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” The proficiency of the painter lies in the work they have done. Before signing a contract, ask for samples of projects they’ve handled. This will reveal if they’re up to the task. 

If you want a modern or minimalist design, you can ask for samples relating to this. And this will boost your confidence in the painter concerning your project.

If they have worked for a friend before, you can go for a brief visit to examine the designs. Or you can check out the company or house painter’s website. Do they have close snapshots of the projects they’ve handled? Do they show a high level of professionalism? Are they using quality tools and equipment? Their portfolio can help you determine the level of experience and professionalism. 

In case the painter doesn’t have their best works displayed on their website, it’s okay. You can still check their portfolio to have an idea of how professional they are.

4. Is the House Painting Company licensed and insured?

While some contractors have the license to work for commercial properties, the others might specialize in residential properties. Before hiring, confirm if they have a license or insurance. A professional painter should have a license or insurance for themselves, their workers, and the hiring party (you).

If they have a license, you can be confident of a quality job for your interior. Because not performing according to the contract can lead to the loss of their license. Plus, licensed contractors will want to perform a perfect job to keep a good reputation.

You can easily access this information online. All contractors should be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. But this can vary across different countries. You can inquire about the licensing body in your state. You can also check other important information about the contractor. For instance, an unresolved claim or complaints from other customers. But if you perform all checks, you can be confident of an excellent job after hiring the painter. 

If the painter isn’t properly insured or licensed, you can’t seek legal action when things go wrong. For instance, if any accidents happen during the project, you won’t have to foot the bills. And this can help save costs for other purposes. 

The contractor should have general liability insurance or workman’s compensation insurance. Avoid contractors that have a low amount of insurance coverage. At least, the contractor should have a minimum of $1 million insurance cover. In cases of property damages, you can rest assured that the bills are covered. But even after the contractor shows you an insurance certificate, call the insurance company to affirm if the coverage is active. 

5. Did they take a walk through all the rooms in your house before quoting?

Yes! This is the BIG step. The right person for the job will perform all necessary checks before giving you an estimate. While conducting the round checks, they will explain explicitly with reasons what will be best for you. A professional house painter will show care and interest in seeing that you get the best results.

A professional will also check all the details to ensure they give you the right estimate. They will give you the amount of time needed to complete the house painting project. 

Hiring a professional painter for your home gives your interior the best look and feel. Don’t be too hasty to have the job done. Ensure you examine all the loopholes by using the tips listed above.